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Four Seasons Tanning Salon Packages
We offer several different types of tanning packages to suit your needs. Feel free to call us to discuss what package is best for you. We recommend the use of a salon quality tanning lotion to achieve the best results in our tanning equipment. Samples of all products are available for purchase.

VIP Packages are the Best Value! No Contracts or Enrollment Fee's! 
All VIP Members receive 25% off all lotions

Platinum VIP Package 
Includes All High Performance Equipment and Mystic Kyss. 
$84.95 per month

Gold VIP Package 
Includes Level 1 & Level 2 Beds
$44.95 per month

VIP Package 
Includes Level 1 beds 
$29.95 per month​

Our Unlimited Packages for use in the Level 1 and Level 2 beds, as well as the Platinum Membership include all High Performance beds plus the Mystic Kyss. We offer upgrades from any package to use any High Performance beds or Mystic Kyss

Unlimited Packages

Level 1Level 2Platinum
1 Week$19.95$29.95-
1 Month$49.95*$64.95*$99.95
1 Year$250.00$275.00$750.00

* Student Specials Available (21 and under)


Spray Tan

Level 2$3
Level 3$6
Level 4$8
Level 5$12


Star Packages - No Expiration Dates!
These are credits that can be purchased to be use in any of our tanning equipment. They have no expiration, so the more you buy at one time, the bigger the savings! This is sometimes better for the customer who tans in a more powerful tanning system or someone who doesn't come in as often, but wants to save from buying single sessions.

Star Packages
Star 5$29.95
Star 10$54.95
Star 20$99.95
Star 30$134.99
Star 50$199.95
Star 100$399.95
Star 200$679.95

Stars Used Per Session

Level 55 Stars
Level 44 Stars
Level 33 Stars
Level 22 Stars
Level 11 Star
Spray Tan5 Stars

Single Sessions

Level 5$30
Level 4$25
Level 3$20
Level 2$12
Level 1$8

1st Time Promos

(New Customers)

Level 5$25
Level 4$20

Sun Sector / Orion

60 Minutes$28

* These minutes can be used in increments so you can tan at a slower pace 
for your body's skin type. Recommended for beginner tanners!!