Advanced Tanning Systems in a Cool, Clean & Relaxing Atmosphere

Mystic Kyss

1 Session $30
3 Sessions $80
5 Sessions $110
Unlimited 30-Day Package $79.95
VIP Spray Membership $65.00/mo 

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Mystic Kyss is the most recognized spray tan system around and out shines all the other systems. With the Mystic Kyss, you can choose the color of the mist every time you spray, so you can get the perfect tan you always wanted, and the "Heated Drying" session will dry the mist on your body preventing any runs or drips, allowing you to dress and go on about your day, looking like you just got back from an island vacation!

For best results we suggest showering and exfoliating the skin before spray tanning. Do not apply any moisturizer or make-up to the skin because this will block the DHA (dihydroxyacetone) from penetrating the skin. Wear loose fit clothing and wait 4-6 hours before showering or perspiring.